Chandler House | Invitations

We look at Genesis 17:1-7,14-15, when God asked Abraham and Sarah to become "exceedingly fruitful" and to become the father and mother of many nations. And we see how we at CPC have a grand heritage through them and through Jesus Christ.

"Bulstrode Mansion" by Dick Davies / flickr CC BY-NC-SA
"Anticrepuscular rays, golden hour" by Petr Hykš / flickr CC BY-NC
"house" by stu_spivack / flickr CC BY-SA
"JaxZoo_1-14-15-4001" by Rob Bixby / flickr CC BY
"Chandler AZ" by deanouellette / flickr CC BY
"Chandler AZ" 2 by deanouellette / flickr CC BY

"Fireworks" by Paul VanDerWerf / flickr CC BY
Earth at Night Video by NASA (Public Domain)
"Majestic Flight" by Taryn Elliott eXploration Etoile (no copyright)
"Tiny House" by David Hilowitz / flickr CC BY