Real Connection

Scripture Focus - 1 Corinthians 9: 16-23
By forming deep bonds with those we would like to reach, we can grow our community by doing unique ministries.

Black Carriage AirBNB, Queen Nefertiti Yacht Hotel, and Tent images from AirBNB site. Copyrighted content.
"church" by barnyz / flickr CC BY-NC-SA
"comal05" by mlhradio / flickr CC BY-NC
"First Presbyterian Church, Eustis" by Steven Martin / flickr CC BY-NC-ND
"Sotrefront Pentecostal Church" by Jason Matthews / flickr CC BY-SA
"St. James Presbyterian Church" by Dennis Jarvis /  flickr CC BY-SA
"Storefront church" by Kevin Dooley / flickr CC BY

Excerpt from "Here is the Church" by Mother Goose Club Playhouse on YouTube. Copyrighted content.
"Jungfrau (left) from Gimmelwald Trail" by Tony Fernandez / flickr CC BY-NC
Mega church clips from Compass Christian Church Chandler