Real Hope

Scripture Focus - Mark 1: 14-20

"The Calling of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew (Vocation de Saint Pierre et Saint André) by James Tissot, shared by the Brooklyn Museum
"Natural Landscapes of Mountain Ranges" by Taryn Elliott eXploration Etoile / public domain
"The Miraculous Draught of Fishes" by Gustav Dore / public domain
"Cut credit card" by Ben Schumin / flickr CC BY-SA
"DiningTent" by Elizabeth / flickr CC BY-NC
"Hurricane Katrina LA3" by News Muse / flickr CC BY-NC-ND
"Trailer" by Paul Schultz flickr CC BY

"bicycle freewheel" by brian kelly / flickr CC BY
"Vlog 10.04 bicycle night" by Frerieke / flickr CC BY-NC
"Slow Rain" by Peter Alfred Hess / flickr CC BY
"烈日汐止" by Chao-Wei Juan / flickr CC BY-NC