Chandler House | Cornerstone

April 25, 2021

Scripture Focus:
Psalm 23 and Psalm 118:22-23

"Bulstrode Mansion" by Dick Davies / flickr CC BY-NC-SA
"Anticrepuscular rays, golden hour" by Petr Hykš / flickr CC BY-NC
"Washford, Somerset" by Dave_S. / flickr CC BY
"Vanilla Newport Kitchen" by / flickr CC BY
"NGC 5643" by NASA and ESA by A. Riess et al. acknowledgement to Mahdi Zamani
PBS KIDS Video Chat Background "MISTERROGERS 3" from
"Maria Magdalena" by Jan van Scorel - Riksmuseum Amsterdam (Public Domain)
"Christ and the Woman of Samaria 2015.645 - Metropolitan Museum of Art (Public Domain)