Chandler House | The Good China

March 28, 2021

Photos: "The Ointment of the Magdalene" from the Brooklyn Museum by James Tissot (Public Domain)"Cesar Dictator Perpetuo denier" by Gallica Digital Library (Public Domain)"Christ in the House of Simon" by Dieric Bouts, 1440s (Public Domain)"Christ's Entry into Jerusalem by Gustave Doré (Public Domain)Maria Magdalena (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam version)   by Jan van Scorel (Public Domain)"Nardostachys jatamansi (spikenard)" by Ed Shaw / flickr CC BY-SA"One of a kind" by M. Lepis / flickr CC BYPhoto by Liv Estberger / flickr CC BY"Pills" by Marko Javorac / flickr CC BY"Preschool Cooking Programs" by Seattle Parks and Recreation / flickr CC BY"the wonder years" by Eduardo Merille / flickr CC BY-SA

Video:"Dusk" by Dominic Alves / flickr CC BY"glasswing in motion" by brando / flickr CC BY