Daily Bread

July 11, 2021

Video Credits:

"Morning Expresso Routine Progress, Results, Observations and Miscellany" by Scott Schiller / flickr CC BY

"20200201_205410" by Orin Blomberg / flickr CC BY-NC-ND

"April 23, 2014" by osseous /flickr CC BY

Image Credits:

"Sunset Rays" by John Fowler / flickr CC BY

"The Adoration of the Golden Calf" by Nicolas Poussin (Public Domain)

"The Children of Israel Crossing the Red Sea" by Frédéric Schopin (1804–1880) from Art UK (Public Domain)

"Lazarus at the Rich Man's Gate" by Fedor Bronnikov (Public Domain)

"food" by karen H. nickname.{ pooh} / flickr CC BY

"Food" by Sean MacEntee / flickr CC BY

"#Food by Andre Christian R / flickr CC BY

"Food" by eltpics / flickr CC BY-NC

"En iOS 10 iMessage usa detector de datos para mostrar quick links" by iphonedigital / flickr CC BY-SA

"Le Meridien San Francisco Room 1112 (5)" by Gary Benbridge / flickr CC BY

"tamarisk forest" by Rachel Zurer / flickr CC BY-NC

Craigslist Joe from CLJ films, distributed by Gravitas Ventures

"Deserted" by Redeemed and Forgiven / flickr CC BY-NC-ND

"Truffle Framboise" by Kimberly Vardeman / flickr CC BY

"Fridays are good for dessert." by Jenny Huey / flickr CC BY

"Dessert" by Steven Miller / flickr CC BY

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"Traffic Horns City Nervous Busy" from klankbeeld with horns by toiletrolltube CC BY

Camera shutter sound from applesandpears50 (public domain)