Life By the Numbers

October 31, 2021

Video Credits:

“Graduates from Kubasaki High School” by DoDEA / flickr CC BY-NC-ND

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“BASEBALL SPORTS CARDS” by supportcaringllc / flickr CC BY-SA

“Rocketship baseball card (back)” by Jim Ellwanger / flickr CC BY-NC

“Serbian Folk Dance (Balkan Folk Fest 2018) - 1 Minute” by eMotion Etoile / flickr CC BY

“Penang Zumba for my 80th Birthday-1” by John / flickr CC BY-SA

“Money Shot” by Houston Ruck / flickr CC BY-NC-ND

“Jasper Starcircles timelapse” by Fresh Waffles / flickr CC BY

“Four-seasons-autumn” by Nicolas Poussin (Public Domain)

“Second Glow” by John Fowler / flickr CC BY

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“Ten Commandments Tablets” by George Bannister / flickr CC BY