Overturning Expectations

April 10, 2022


“St. John’s Ashfield Stained Glass King” by Toby Hudson CC BY-SA

“Orthodox Christians hold Palm Sunday procession at 1607-year old Gaza City church” by Joe Catron / flickr CC BY-NC

“Palm Sunday 2009” by Joey Coleman / flickr CC BY-SA

“Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem” by Félix Louis Leuillier (Public Domain)

“The Calling of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew” by James Tissot, from the Brooklyn Museum (Public Domain)

“Sunset at Berembang INDAH” by Fadhlur Rahman / flickr CC BY-NC-ND


“Kapstaden” by Erik Forsberg / flickr CC BY-NC

“Priests changing at Bete Maryam” by Justin van Dyke / flickr CC BY-NC

“Rehearsal Saturday, 1-24-14” by Twin Cities Women's Choir / flickr CC BY-NC

“Second Glow” by John Fowler / flickr CC BY

Other photos and video from Adobe Stock. Music from Epidemic Sound.