Overturning Relationships

May 15, 2022


“The Holy Family with Angels” by Sebastiano Ricci (Public Domain)

“Christ in Glory” by Francesco Bassano the Younger (Public Domain)

“Christ in Glory” by Annibale Carracci (Public Domain)

“Seepredigt” by Josef Untersberger (Public Domain)

“Europe Patron Saints Mosaic” by Jobas CC BY-SA

“Le Repas Chez Simon” by Philippe de Champaigne (Public Domain)

“The Consummation of Empire” by Thomas Cole (Public Domain)

“The Denial of Peter” by Rembrandt (Public Domain)

“Louis XIV of France” by Hyacinthe Rigaud (Public Domain)

“The Pharisees Question Jesus” by Tissot (Public Domain)


“Monsoon on the way” by John Fowler / flickr CC BY

Other videos from Adobe Stock. Music from Epidemic Sound.