Some Things Last Forever

May 9, 2021

Scripture Focus: John 15:9-17

Shepherd painting is "Mountain Shepherd" by Hyatt Moore

Photo Credits:

The Big Dipper by Vincent Carnevale / flickr CC BY-NC

Prom Dates by Bob n' Renee / flickr CC BY

NGC 5643 by NASA and ESA by A. Riess et al. acknowledgement to Mahdi Zamani

Carrie Arcos image and book cover images are from copyrighted promotional materials. Carrie's publisher is Penguin Random House

Video Credits:

Sydney Nightlife Timelapse [4K] by URB4N Productions / flickr CC BY

Opening Iris by David Marvin / flickr CC BY-NC-ND

14020800.avi by kaveman743 / flickr CC BY-NC

Water ski the video 1 by Shawn Spencer-Smith / flickr CC BY-ND

Lough Tay by Kent Wang / flickr CC BY-SA

Video of rocky mountain peaks is from eXploration etoile (Public Domain)