Starting Over Is Everything

October 24, 2021

Image Credits

"Angry Protester" by Kurayba / flickr CC BY-SA

"Stay Angry" by Roman K / flickr CC BY-NC-ND

"depression" by rnav / flickr CC BY-NC-ND

"Senate veterans discuss farm bill. Washington, D.C., Dec. 15" from the Library of Congress featuring George W. Norris and Ellison Smith (1937) (Public Domain)

"Leaders in Congress against World War. Washington, D.C., April 7" from the Library of Congress featuring Harold Knutson, George Norris, and Sen Ernest Lundeen (1937) (Public Domain) 

"DSC_6742" by Senate Democrats /flickr CC BY

"Tweet Up" by Maryland GovPics / flickr CC BY

"Goldfish Crackers" by Lena LeRay / flickr CC BY

"Walmart" by Mike Mozart / flickr CC BY

"Security camera" by KOMUnews / flickr CC BY

"Dublin Castle Gates of Fortitude and Justice 05" by J.-H. Janßen / flickr CC BY-SA

"Noah's Ark" by Roelant Savery (Public Domain)

"Angry Protester" by Kurayba / flickr CC BY-SA

"Reserved Parking" by Bryan & Lyn / flickr CC BY-NC

"contradictions" by Lucia ferri / flickr CC BY-NC

"Noah's Ark" by Edward Hicks - Google Art Project (Public Domain)

"Double rainbow" by John Fowler /flickr CC BY

"Jesus Washing Feet" (Artist Unknown)

"Christ with the Woman Taken in Adultery" by Guercino, 1621 (Dulwich Picture Gallery) (Public Domain)

"crucifix" by in hiatus / flickr CC BY

"The Entombment" by Peter Paul Rubens (Public Domain)

"Trump supporter yells at anti-Trump protesters" by Fibonacci Blue / flickr CC BY

"Mirrors" by Dean Shareski / flickr CC BY-NC

Video Credits

"Storm Clouds - Creative Commmons" by ZNiCHKA Stock Media / flickr CC BY-NC

"DJI_0234" by roo140 / flickr CC BY-SA