February 20, 2022

Video Credits

“Cumulus Cloud Over Troy” by Oliver Timm / flickr CC BY-SA

Image Credits

“The Martyrdom of Eleazar the Scribe by Gustave Doré (Public Domain)

“Death of General Brock at the Battle of Queenston Heights” by John David Kelly (Public Domain)

“The President's House” by George Munger, 1814-1815 Crop (Public Domain)

“US Capitol” by George Munger, 1814 (Public Domain)

“USS West Virginia” (Public Domain)

“The USS Arizona (BB-39) Burning After the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor” NARA 195617 Edit (Public Domain)

“FEMA 3969” by Andrea Booher (Public Domain)

“Aerial View of the Pentagon During Rescue Operations Post September 11 Attack” (Public Domain)

“SBD VB-16 Over USS Washington” 1943 (Public Domain)

“Rosie the Riveter” (Vultee) (Public Domain)

“Photograph of Members of the Mochida Family Awaiting Evacuation” NARA 537505 Restoration (Public Domain)

“Alex Bowman Crash” by Zach Catanzareti Photo / flickr CC BY-SA

“Car Fire” by Jason Bolonski / flickr CC BY

Readings from the NRSV translation of the Bible. Music by Epidemic Sound. Other videos from Adobe Stock. Bird sounds from Adobe Stock.