The Republican Christian

January 30, 2022

Image Credits
"The White House at Night, 2011" by Rob Young CC BY
"Sermon on the Mount" by Gustave Doré (Public Domain)
"Sermon on the Mount" by Carl Bloch (Public Domain)
"Adam Smith, The Muir Portrait" by Unknown Artist (Public Domain)
"President Reagan Speaking in Minneapolis, 1982" from the National Archives and Records Administration ID 198527 (Public Domain)
"Bank of the United States Failure" NYWTS (Public Domain)
"Chrysler Building Midtown Manhattan New York City, 1932" By Samuel Gottscho (Public Domain)
"President Roosevelt" by Pach Bros (cropped) (Public Domain)
"McKinley Prosperity" (Public Domain)
"Abraham Lincoln O-77" Matte Collodion Print (Public Domain)
"Reynolds's Political Map of the United States, 1856" (Public Domain)
"Senate veterans discuss farm bill. Washington, D.C., Dec. 15 George W. Norris and Senator Ellison Smith (1937)" from the Library of Congress (Public Domain)

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"Timelapse Sunset" by Hauke Musicaloris / flickr CC-BY

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