Real Life,

We're a group of people who are trying to follow Jesus honestly, being authentic with God and each other about our hopes and challenges in life. We don't pretend to be perfect.

Life is real. It has its challenges and hurts. But we believe that with God, life is full of real hope, too.

Real Solutions.

God made this world, so following God is about actually doing things that make this life beautiful.

We believe that Jesus's teachings and his example transform our thinking and perceptions to the point that we can truly love God and others. We practice spiritual progress without claiming spiritual perfection.

To sum it up, at Chandler Presbyterian Church, we're on a path of continuous growth as Jesus followers, together.

Come grow with us!

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Pastor Robert teaches a lesson
Pastor Robert

What We Believe

At Chandler Presbyterian, we believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God, who is the creator of everything. God sent Jesus to us to show us the way to true life.  

We follow Jesus as the head of the world Christian movement, known as the Church. The Church will never be destroyed, but will hold on to the truth of God until Jesus returns and God makes all things new.

To learn God's truth, we look to the books of the Holy Bible, both old and new testaments, which are the most trustworthy documents about the reality of God.

We believe that when we turn our lives over to Jesus, God's Holy Spirit guides us from the inside out and makes us better people than we could ever be by ourselves.

And we believe that God has brought us here to take this journey together. We are one small outpost of the global Church, a diverse gathering of people in Chandler, AZ, joined by our desire to follow Jesus.

Meet Pastor Robert

Hi, I'm Robert Felix, pastor at CPC.  It's a blessing to be a part of this community of Jesus followers as we grow and learn to love God and people in Chandler, Arizona. 

I earned my Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, where I focused on preaching.  In 2016, I was ordained to be a pastor who makes films, following the example that Fred Rogers set as a pastor who makes television shows. Besides serving as CPCs pastor, I am a film producer and I travel to Los Angeles regularly as I develop film projects.

If you want to see an example of something I've made, check out this music video I directed for my friend Travis Kingma, a singer and songwriter:

I hope you find your way here to join us in person or online as we seek to follow Jesus together!

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