Real Life…

We are a group of people who endeavor to be honest, with God and one another, about our faults and challenges in life. We do not seek to merely “play church” and present as self-righteous people who pretend that we are perfect and do not struggle. If you are perfect, you may not like this church very much.

Life is real. It has its challenges and hurts. It is not perfect. Neither are we.

Real Solutions.

Our path to deeper faithfulness to Jesus, and to one another, begins with acknowledging our brokenness and imperfection. We believe that Jesus’ gospel message of the kingdom of heaven transforms our thinking and perceptions to the point that we are enabled to better love God and love others… without condition. We practice spiritual progress and do not claim spiritual perfection. This is the path of continuous growth for us. Jesus’ solution to living life, in an often confusing and hurtful world, is the kingdom of heaven (here and now). It is a real solution to life’s very real challenges. This kingdom solution leads us to believe that life is 5% what happens to us and 95% how we respond to what happens to us. Come learn and practice with us!

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Pastor Robert teaches a lesson
Pastor Robert

What We Believe

At Chandler Presbyterian, we believe that Jesus of Nazareth is Head of the Church.  We are a particular church in a family of churches connected to the Church, composed of other believers all over the world.  The word “Church” has its root meaning in a gathering of people.

We are a diverse gathering of people who have our commonality in Jesus, who we believe is the Christ, the Son of God.  We look to him for our salvation both eternally and daily.  We also call him “Lord” as we are his followers.  He is our spiritual “Master”.  We are committed to following in his Way.  The early “Christians” were not initially known by the word “Christian”.  We were called followers of the “Way”.  Jesus’ Way.  By God’s grace, we hope to grow in our willingness and ability to follow Jesus’ teachings, his Way, in every aspect of our lives.  Come join us!

Meet Pastor Robert

Hi!  My name is Robert Felix, pastor at CPC.  It is a blessing to be a part of the Body of Christ in this place as we seek to more faithfully love God and love people.  We are a grateful group of folks who are racially and theologically diverse.  We can rejoice in this because Jesus is Lord of his Church.  We are his servants.  We have many gifts and perspectives, but one Spirit!

I earned my Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, where I focused on preaching.

Besides serving as CPCs pastor, I am a film producer and I travel to LA each month as I develop film projects. In 2016, I was ordained to the work I do in film and communication, following in the example of Fred Rogers.

If you want to see an example of something I've made, check out this music video I directed for my friend Travis Kingma, a singer and songwriter:

I hope you find your way here to join us in person or online as we seek to more diligently and joyfully follow Jesus!

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